Family Fun at Oakville Grocery

Family Fun at Oakville Grocery

Dog Friendly Oakville Grocery

Address 7856 St Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA 94562
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sammy and lucca at oakville grocery

Human Highlights:

  • Quick stop off the hwy
  • Cute local Napa food and accessories inside. 
  • Beautiful outdoor seating.
  • Napa Wine History Museum!
  • Easy parking nearby. 
  • Wheel-chair accessible.
  • Public Bathroom.

Dog Highlights:

  • Water station
  • Grassy area
  • Picnic-bench shade
  • Treats for purchase inside

 Come with Lucca and I to Oakville Grocery located on the St. Helena Hwy! The store is pretty small and can get crowded so Lucca stayed outside, but the outdoor space is beautiful and perfect for dogs. We spent some time in the outdoor grass area where Lucca got to say hi to another pup, and have some treats on the bench with me. Inside you can pick from all sorts of picnic snacks, pastries, cheeses, and drinks! It’s been around since 1881 especially known for serving sandwiches, salads, wines and other great picnic friendly foods.

We headed over to the picnic tables to eat- Inside, I had gotent Lucca these Furry Republic Dog Treats, and got myself a cold sandwich, a cheesy breadstick and a Rose Lemonade! Lucca is big on food, so I shared some of my lettuce with him, and got him some water from the water station to wash it all down. All in all a great dog friendly stop along the hwy. And be sure to get there before the lunch rush to avoid the long lines!



Lucca's Review:

Water bowl: They have a water station for humans, so Sammy got me a cup and filled it with fresh ice water for me to slather up!

Shady Spots to cool off: Great picnic benches with umbrellas. I hid away from the sun while we ate our lunch- it was paw-fect. 

Extra rubs and pets: Oh my gosh, everyone loved me. Someone said I needed a haircut, but I let that comment slide and kept smiling. Ooo and I got to meet another doggie friend there by the grassy field. 

Leash?: Definitely be sure to stay close to your humans and stay on the leash. The grocery store is pretty close to a really fast and speedy road, so you want to stay safe!

Doggie Merch: They didn’t have anything specific for dogs. But Sammy scored me a Oakville ball cap that i love to wear (and chew apart when she’s not looking). ‘

Free treats: No free treats, but Sammy bought me a bag of these super yummy treats called Furry Republic Dog Treats. She got me the chicken recipe, my favorite. 

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