lucca the napa dog at clif family tasting room in the back patio

Dog Friendly Clif Family Tasting Room & Outdoor Patio

Clif Family Winery

Address: 709 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574

Human Highlights:

  • Indoor bar seating, and roomy outdoor patio seating with overhang
  • Bruchetteria Food Truck for tasty food to bring to your table!
  • Clif Family Provisions to take home with you!

Dog Highlights:

  • Super nice and dog friendly staff
  • Cold water and dog bowl self service station at the patio
  • Fun plush wine toys, Clif Family Dog Leash and Silicon Dog bowls for purchase!

For this week’s adventure, Lucca and I headed over to the Clif Family Tasting Room in St. Helena. It was a beautiful day on the patio, so I ordered a glass of wine, grabbed a sunny table, and filled up a big bowl of water for Lucca at their water station. 

Next, we ordered some food at the Clif Family Bruschetteria Food Truck. While we waited, Lucca had some fun with treats and a new Clif Family plush wine toy. Their Bruschetta is the real winner, but for a snack the side of potatoes hit the spot. 

Lucca was a bit jealous, until he quickly got all kinds of love and attention from other people enjoying the patio as well. 

Lucca surely gives Clif Family a 5 Paw Rating. Save this post for your next dog friendly adventure in napa.

Lucca’s Review:

Water bowl: Sammy brought me a nice bowl of cold water to me in the outdoor patio!

Shady Spots to cool off: Oh, definitely! The whole back area is well shaded with multiple large umbrellas.  

Extra rubs and pets: I got so many extra loving pets from all the kind people enjoying themselves at Clif Family. Plus I think our server really liked me ;) 

Leash?: It’s a good idea to keep me (and your pups) leashed to keep everyone comfortable and having a grand ole time! 

Doggie Merch: They have the cutest plush wine toy, a really pretty leash, and a branded silicon dog bowl! 

Check out our fun video of Lucca and I at Clif Family Winery on Instagram!

Comment below and let us know your experience at Clif Family!

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