Will any of these products go bad or rotten when shipped?
  • There's nothing to worry here! Only two of our gifts have fresh cheese, and we'll be sure to include an ice pack inside the shipping box to keep it nice and fresh while in transit to you. 
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  • It usually takes about 5 business days, but it really depends on your location! All orders are shipped from California and you will be sent an email with tracking info on every order so you can always see exactly where it is! 
How do we know which products are for humans or for dogs?
  • I'm glad you asked! Inside of each gift we have included a sweet welcome note that has a clear list of which products in the gift are for humans and which ones are for dogs. It also includes a website link to our Products Ingredients page for additional nutrition information. 
How do I know if these dog treats are okay for my dog?
  • I know the feeling- it can be scary to give your dog something to eat that you haven't researched up the wazoo! Personally with Lucca- he loves each treat, and doesn't have any allergies to the ingredients. But I understand not all dogs have the same metabolism or allergies. In case you need to double triple check the ingredients please visit our Product Ingredients list and click on the product name to find more nutritional information on each individual website. 

I need to change the delivery address of the gift I just ordered!

  • Please email me your order number and the new address you'd like it sent to and I'll do my best to update the order form so it can get re-directly as soon as possible!

I want to add/update a gift message!

  • Please email me your order number and the message you'd like to include with your gift. As long as I haven't shipped it out yet, I can still include your message on the hangtag of the gift before we box it up to be sent!

How do I track my order? 

  • Once I have shipped out your order, you will receive tracking information in your email.