Get the Royal Treatment at Napa Cellars Winery

Get the Royal Treatment at Napa Cellars Winery

Napa Cellars Winery

Address 7481 St Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA 94562

Human Highlights:

  • Great selection of wine tasting options
  • Super friendly and informative staff
  • Casual and relaxed vibes

    Dog Highlights:

  • Free Napa Cellars Bandana and treats!
  • Lots of grassy space to relax
  • Small set of vineyards to safely explore




From the moment you walk in, Napa Cellars truly gives you the royal treatment (especially to your pups!). Upon arrival, Lucca and I were welcomed and directed outside to the back patio for our tasting. They immediately brought out the coolest tray for Lucca carrying his water bowl and some treats.

They set the water bowl by our picnic table and used their "wine bottle" (filled with water) to pour him his fancy water for the afternoon. They placed a cute little container of three milk bone treats on the table for me to give to Lucca. Oh! And the best part? A Napa Cellars bandana that I put on Lucca right away and started snapping at least 100 photos of him. 

Their staff was incredibly friendly and really took the time to make us feel welcome and give Lucca extra love at the table. They were very knowledgable and made our wine tasting experience feel so comfortable and fun. 

Definitely keep in mind that going to some of these tastings can take 2-3 hours to complete. Lucca can get a little restless sometimes, so it helped to engage him by walking him around the premises to have a little sniff time, as well as bringing toys and treats to keep him occupied while the adults had their fun at the table. 

Lucca’s Review:

Water bowl: They had a special Napa Cellars Wine bottle filled up with my water- I felt like I was part of the group! Man, I was so thirsty from all the excitement!

Shady Spots to cool off: I found the best tree of them all, and hid under the shade while Sammy was tasting wine at a picnic bench right nearby. 

Extra rubs and pets: The Humans working at Napa Cellars were so friendly, they kept wanting to come over and pet me, it was wonderful. 

Leash?: The rules are you gotta stay on leash. I might have escaped a couple of times, and went running after my doggie friend Wesley. But i was sure not to destroy anything in my path. Sammy quickly calmed me down and brought me back to the table. 

Doggie Merch: Upon arrival, I got a free doggie bandana that says “Napa Cellars” on it! Boy oh boy, was this one of my favorite stops yet. 

Free treats: They brought me a little cup of 3 dog biscuit treats. I could have easily eaten 10 of those!

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