Get your Pup a Puppy Patty at Gott's Roadside, Oxbow Public Market, Downtown Napa!

Get your Pup a Puppy Patty at Gott's Roadside, Oxbow Public Market, Downtown Napa!

Address: Oxbow Public Market, 644 1st St, Napa, CA 94559

Human Highlights:

  • Casual Vibes, great outdoor seating
  • Range of yummy options available on the menu!
  • Cute “Gott’s Roadside” Hat for you or your pup! 

Dog Highlights:

  • Puppy patty, duh!!
  • Great shaded and sunny spots outside
  • Water bowl and friendly locals and visitor- especially if you’re extra cute ;) 

Gott’s Roadside is the perfect stop for either Lunch or Dinner to get that burger you’ve been craving all day! And there’s nothing better than a dog friendly restaurant that has a little something they can put together for your pup to enjoy too. 

Once you arrive, you’ll get in line and order at the counter! Be sure to ask for a water bowl for your dog. You won’t see a puppy patty on the menu, but if you ask for a burger patty for your pup they’ll make you one without any salt!

Find the perfect spot outside with your pup and once you’ve picked up your order- it’s time to FEAST! I almost always go for the cheeseburger with a side of potato fries, but i’ve also gotten the California Chicken Sandwhich and it was super good as well! If you’re feelin somethin’ sweet I lean towards the cookies and cream ice cream shake or the root beer float!

If you’re interested in a pre or post meal stroll, you can wander down McKinstry St. towards what’s called “Oxbow River Stage” which sometimes can be closed off if they’re setting up for a concert - but usually it’s open and grassy to explore with your pup!

In the same area are 2 other great dog-friendly locations: Fieldwork Brewing and Feast it Forward. Keep an eye out for when Lucca and I share our experiences at both! 

Lucca’s Review:

Water bowl: Sammy got me a perfect little paper bowl of water from the nice humans inside!

Shady Spots to cool off: Depending on the time of day you’ll find plenty of shaded space under the outdoor covering, and plenty of sunny spots too, but I personally love the coolness of the shaded floors. 

Extra rubs and pets: Oh, definitely. There were so many dog lovers at this spot, they couldn’t get enough of me! Especially with my cute hat on. 

Leash?: I’d recommend it for sure, those human burgers can be super tempting if my leash wasn’t tied up to the table!

Doggie Merch: Not specifically doggy merch, but I made the hat work- don’t ya think? 

Free treats: No free treats, but if you do the cute eye thing to your owners i bet they’ll get you a puppy patty. It worked for me in an instant! 

Check out our fun video of Lucca and I eating at Gott's Roadside on Instagram!

Comment below and let us know your experience at Gott's!

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