Our Story

sammy and lucca between the vines at a winery in napa

Hi, I am Sammy!

I’m an artist, a skater, a traveler, and a big foodie. And now, I’m finally pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur!

To start, I should mention that I grew up in a gift basket. No really, my life began in a gift basket next to my mom's desk at her first gourmet gifting company the day after I was born. About 20 years later, and many busy Holiday Seasons later - I officially joined the team as her photographer, graphic designer, and website manager. Safe to say, I've been a part of the gifting business my whole life.

Fast forward to 2020, when my parents adopted Lucca - the most perfect, loving Goldendoodle on the block. I fell in love immediately. Lucca is 70 lbs full of fluff, love, utter sweetness, and downright (polite!) beggar energy. So naturally, I wanted to give him the world; everything from a seat at the table to a snuggle on the couch to an invitation to join in on every fun family activity.

sammy in venice california
sammy and lucca by the pool
lucca and fall leaves

As we’ve grown together, I’d like to think Lucca and I both have a similar joy in sharing the finer things in life (especially good food) as well as the simple precious moments like sitting outside in the backyard with coffee in the morning, taking slow walks to the park to hang in the shade together on sunny afternoons, or driving through Napa Valley finding cute new places to enjoy together. 

Most recently, I spent the last two years working remotely as a Software Engineer, and after many visits up to Napa to see my family and Lucca, I felt true excitement to explore the valley and meet new people. Lucca was the perfect excuse and the best buddy to do it all with!

sammy and lucca by the napa valley sign

There is plenty of slobber-worthy food in Napa, and on top of the fun wineries, delicious restaurants, and delightful walks, we found the ultimate joy in spending time together while discovering the next row of vineyards to run down side by side. The more I get to know the valley and the more dogs Lucca and I meet - the more I realize just how many dog-friendly spots there are in Napa.

While I've already worked in the gifting business for ten years, I knew Lucca and I could build something special. We decided to take all of our favorite things to do and put them into a gift basket that you and your best fluffy buddy can experience and share together!

And like that, Buddies by Lucca was born. 

Buddies by Lucca are gifts curated and perfectly paired for the fun-loving friends and furballs in your life. They’re more than just food, treats, and toys - it’s the gift of a joyful shared experience for every member of the family. 

We want to help you create more unique, memorable moments with your pup, and we know these silly, savory, and sweet gifts will do exactly that. 

Whether you’re celebrating the unconditional love that bonds that special person and their pup or you’re treating yourself, there are Buddies by Lucca for every occasion. We truly hope you enjoy! 

Big hugs from,
Sammy and Lucca