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Pup-Corn and Movie Night Buddies Gift Box

Pup-Corn and Movie Night Buddies Gift Box


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Give the gift of a Night-in to the movie lover in your life! They'll cozy up with their pup, queue up "Lady and the Tramp", and grab their favorite snacks! While your human enjoys Milk Duds, Sweet Tarts, Red Vines, and Popcorn, their fluffy friend will munch on Mutt Duds, Pup Tarts, and a Pup Corn baked treat. Their dog will be eager to bark "Action!" with the Hollywoof Plush Toy, before snuggling up next to them.

This movie-night dog gift comes in a signature Lucca's buddies box and is wrapped in a multi-color raffia ribbon.

Product Details:
Human: 1 bag of Microwaveable Popcorn, 2 Paper Popcorn Bags, Sweet Tarts, Red Vines, and Milk Duds.
Dog: Hollywoof Plush Toy, PupTarts Chicken Flavored Dog Treats, Mutt Duds Pork Flavored Dog Treats, Pup-Corn Baked Treat.

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