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Barking Birthday Bash Buddies Gift Box

Barking Birthday Bash Buddies Gift Box


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No matter whose Birthday (or Gotcha Day) it is, mix up some fun in the kitchen with this dog-friendly Cake Mix! As you start baking, tie the 'Party Animal' Bandana around your pup's neck, toss them the 'Happy Barkday' Cake Plush Toy, and snap a photo in your matching party hats (one adjustable for dogs, of course). While your doggo's cake is in the oven, you can snack on some Ghirardelli chocolate and Hippie Dust popcorn, and your buddy can enjoy a Pup-tart baked treat and a Mini Sprinkled Donut baked treat!
Wishing you a Happy Birthday Paw-ty from Lucca and Sammy!

This doggie birthday gift box comes in a celebration craft box, for the ultimate birthday blast. 

Product Details:
Human: Hippie Dust Popcorn, Party Hat, Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar, 2 Party Blowers.
Dog: 'Party Animal' Bandana, Dog-Friendly Cake Mix, 'Happy Barkday' Cake Plush Toy, Party Hat with an adjustable strap, Pup-Tart Baked Treat, and a Mini Sprinkled Donut Baked Treat.

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